When a Loan Reset happens to you

Whether you have a balloon payment or a home equity line of credit that is about to reset, we can help you learn about and gain access to programs and relief options that can you can benefit from.

Adjustable loans can reset often, and HELOC resets are looming for millions of homeowners. Whether it’s a first or second mortgage, option ARM, line of credit, or other housing loan, there may be a program for you.

Relief programs may include:

  • Second Lien [forgiveness]
  • HARP 2.0 Refinance
  • 2nd Mortgage Loan Modification

We have certified counselors standing by to help you every step of the way!

Get Loan Reset help!

Our personal assistance is free, confidential and offered one-on-one. Whatever financial hardship your loan reset is causing, we will look at your unique situation and help you access the right mortgage relief program.

Get priority counseling today:

  • A personalized action plan
  • Individual assistance with mortgage relief options
  • We’ll help you with any application process to and review it to ensure accuracy

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Frequently Asked Questions about Loan Resets

We have 40 years of experience helping the community, and we’ve been deeply involved in helping homeowners since the onset of the housing crisis.

Get answers to your questions here on this site, or call us to talk to an expert counselor for one-on-one advice.

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Credit.org has helped over 250,000 homeowners during the recent housing crisis. We are committed to providing financial education, housing counseling, and access to government programs to assist struggling homeowners.

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